First Friend Thomas Jefferson: The Original Social Networker

Coming Soon as an EBOOK! First Friend Thomas Jefferson: The Original Social Networker

A fun, fast-paced novel that brings our third President, Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), back to life for the 21st century.

I-pad and stylus replace the quill pen and parchment in Kathleen Reid’s innovative retelling of the events of Mr. Jefferson’s life.  As one of the most creative technophiles of his time, no doubt Mr. Jefferson would haveemployed today’s social media wisely, and perhaps in much the same manner as the author imagines.

—Professor Larry J. Sabato, Director UVA Center for Politics

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Jefferson was a collector of knowledge throughout his lifetime. He would have loved Facebook because it would have allowed him to connect on a global basis with “friends” or information sources.  In short, Jefferson was a global thinker long before people even understood what that meant. 

Thomas JeffersonJefferson had a passion for architecture which led him to design and build his beloved home, Monticello, which is a 5,000 acre plantation with forty-three rooms in the entire structure; thirty three rooms in the actual house.  Forty years in the making, this beautiful home is an example of Roman neoclassicism with influences from French architecture; it’s the only US residence on the United Nations’ World Heritage List.   Monticello is a visual treat and describes this complex man in a way that nothing else can.

Thomas Jefferson always wanted to be remembered for three things:  Author of the Declaration of Independence, Author of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and Founder of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Now Featured in the Monticello Classroom! Read an excerpt.