Why Michelangelo's David

One of my favorite places in Florence is the Accademia Gallery Museum which houses the iconic David sculpture by Michelangelo.  When my character art history teacher Rennie Maning arrives in Florence, this is her first stop despite a case of jet lag.  And yes, this is where my title Hello Michelangelo comes from.  At seventeen feet tall, the David, a Biblical hero, represents the power of the underdog and the belief that all things are possible.  I love this message!

Fun Fact:  Michelangelo was actually the third sculptor to try his hand at this huge block of marble.  The project started with the great Donatello who planned to use it to make a series of biblical figures.  Under his direction, Florentine sculptor Agostino di Duccio began carving David’s legs but then Donatello passed away. Ten years later, Antonio Rossellino was commissioned to finish the statue.  He was fired and the marble lay dormant for 25 years and was aptly named “The Giant.”  Michelangelo, at twenty-six years old, would earn the right to take on this major feat in 1501; he completed the sculpture in 1504 to rave reviews.  

Travel TV host Rick Steves once wrote, “David’s white marble body is beyond color.  David is beyond gender.  David is fundamentally human.  People from all nations look up at him . . . For 500 years, David has stood tall, alone and just about ready for a haircut, encouraging mortals, turning tourists into pilgrims and shining light on darkness.”  With 8 million visitors per year, including my character, Rennie Maning, art lovers never tire of viewing this masterpiece.



Hi:  I’m starting this blog because I’m excited about my new novel, Hello Michelangelo, which I am finishing up this summer; my book is about art history teacher Rennie Maning who buys her first home in Florence, makes a mysterious discovery and experiences her own personal renaissance.  I’ll be posting thoughts and ideas of things that inspire me in my life and how it translates to my fiction writing . . .

In my story, Rennie takes a break from renovations and catches the train to Rome to explore the city.  She signs up for the Roman Food Tour in the Prati neighborhood which my husband and I enjoyed on a recent anniversary trip to Rome. 

Let me say, Gabriele Bonci’s artisanal pizzas are the best we’ve ever tried!  Bonci’s proprietary dough recipe takes 72 hours to create; each day he uses only the freshest vegetables and meats available.  Bonci creates 1,500 one of a kind seasonal pizzas per year.  My favorite was the potato - yup, potato pizza.  Amazing!   Each slice of pizza is weighed and the servers cut them with scissors which I had never seen before.  His pizza is so delicious that Gabriele Bonci has been called the Michelangelo of Pizza!

Next, Rennie Maning is off to visit Michelangelo’s David in Florence.