Hi:  I’m starting this blog because I’m excited about my new novel, Hello Michelangelo, which I am finishing up this summer; my book is about art history teacher Rennie Maning who buys her first home in Florence, makes a mysterious discovery and experiences her own personal renaissance.  I’ll be posting thoughts and ideas of things that inspire me in my life and how it translates to my fiction writing . . .

In my story, Rennie takes a break from renovations and catches the train to Rome to explore the city.  She signs up for the Roman Food Tour in the Prati neighborhood which my husband and I enjoyed on a recent anniversary trip to Rome. 

Let me say, Gabriele Bonci’s artisanal pizzas are the best we’ve ever tried!  Bonci’s proprietary dough recipe takes 72 hours to create; each day he uses only the freshest vegetables and meats available.  Bonci creates 1,500 one of a kind seasonal pizzas per year.  My favorite was the potato - yup, potato pizza.  Amazing!   Each slice of pizza is weighed and the servers cut them with scissors which I had never seen before.  His pizza is so delicious that Gabriele Bonci has been called the Michelangelo of Pizza!

Next, Rennie Maning is off to visit Michelangelo’s David in Florence.